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Clouds In My Coffee #5 w/ Matty Martinez: the Black Eye Episode

12 February 2024
  • Balearic
  • Wintery

Another rainy monday morning, but this time it's carnival week and Valentine's day is approaching – i manage to make 2 (!) good coffees but i have a black eye.

Throwback track from the Soda Lite mix on the Constellation Tatsu Label Focus  Ross Alexander + me did back in 2017…different era, similar chill zone.

Good morning tip: talk to plants before animals, and to animals before talking to humans. work your social skills back up, don't dive straight into deep waters



1 Colleen - Les parenthèses enchantées - Movement III
2 Dream_E - DreamFive [PACE002]
3 Sarathy Korwar - The Past Is Not Only Behind Us, But Ahead Of Us
4 Dream_E - DreamFour [PACE002]
5 virginia astley - A Day, A Night
6 the park - Tokyo Blend
7 Semispecific Ensemble - Colouring in the Corners
8 Feel Fly - Esperanto (Gallos Tropical Hinterhof Remix)
9 Rocketman - Black Market (Elton John dubreggae remix)
10 Iris - The Green Domain
11 Lux & Hermetics - Timeless
12 dennis taylor - Dawning Point
13 Jolly Mare - Vivo
14 the pilotwings - Mazirat sous pschit
15 Other Mother - Lost In The Forest
16 tape_hiss - Fever Dream (I Thought I Saw You) [ECR011]
17 Kayroy - Liminality
18 Wooden Shjips - Staring At The Sun
19 Blue Gas - Shadows from Nowhere

+ lovely submissions including Hailu Mergia & Dahlak Band, Donna Summer, Vanity 5